Favourite Wedding Photos

Favourite photographs are very personal Photographs help to re-live the moment Photographs mean you can look back and remember special and timeless moments Photography quietly observing, not dominating To remember the Personalities of those who were there and photographs to capture the excitement of the occasion Children are so natural Photographs show how they change so quickly

What makes your favourite wedding photos?

Charlotte looks so beautiful as she makes her way to the church with her father. She is is a serene bubble whilst all her attendants seem to worry around her.

Capturing the emotion and mood of the moment.

Everyone has their own reason why something is special to them and why an image becomes one of their favourite wedding photos. For me. it's photographing people and capturing the emotion and mood of the moment. Weddings are my speciality and a perfect opportunity to get fabulous shots of people looking at their best, where their feelings are heightened by the excitement and importance of the occasion.

Laura and Paul, saying their vows - and clearly meaning them!

What I really love, is the unplanned, un-posed, spontaneous, chance events that show the real character of the people in a special situation.

I love the moments of heightened emotion such as when the groom first sees his bride or when they are first pronounced man and wife - or husband and husband - or wife and wife - whatever the sexuality, the emotion is the same. I feel very privileged to be in a position to be able to record it so that you can relive the moment forever afterwards.

I strive to make everyone look their best

The perfect light, shining into the little church, shows Sam in its beautiful glow

Looking for beautiful light can make such a difference to your images. I instinctively search for the places that will show you at your best and preserve the moment forever. In the photo above, I had waited until Sam moved into the perfect light to make her face and veil glow with the fabulous window light.

A good photograph preserves the memory forever.

I get excited about the prospect of grabbing the huge moment in a single image. I strive to make everyone look their best and this is often when they are happiest and smiling or laughing, unconscious of anyone around them.

The moment when Rob forgets his brides name - for the 3rd time! - but the image shows such a genuine warmth, laughter and love.

"I can't remember you being there at all - but I am so glad that you were!"

I try to mingle with your guests and appreciate my privileged position of being able to be so close to you throughout the day. I try not to dominate, but keep a low key, helpful friendly relationship with you and hope that you are relaxed about me taking photos of you. I will never take a photo that I think will make you not look your very best. You might not even realise that I am there all the time. One of my favourite quotes from a recent bride, looking at photos of her taking her vows, was  "I can't remember you being there at all - but I am so glad that you were!" The photo above is one of their favourite wedding photos - so It was a good job that I was there!

Children feature in some of my favourite wedding photos

A most beautiful smile

I love photographing children at weddings.

They are so open and much more likely to freely express their character. They have an innocence that lets them get involved in such a lovely way. The little girl in front of the blue door was so pleased to be a bridesmaid. She had a gorgeous headband garland of flowers made by Rose and Grace florists but she also had a surprise little bouquet of lavender that Catherine had given her, free of charge. She was able to stand with the other (grown-up) bridesmaids and feel part of the group!

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