Oxfordshire wedding photographer based near Wallingford, Tony Young 

Oxfordshire wedding photographer, Tony Young

A little about me

Capturing the uniqueness of each wedding

love to capture the uniqueness of each wedding and tell the story, in beautiful photographs, of how your day unfolds. 

I've recently moved to Oxfordshire from the North Cotswolds and look forward to applying the same care and attention into getting you the best photography that you deserve.

I don’t force anything and like to have a pretty much hands off approach so that your day flows in a natural and relaxed way. I prefer to be there, recording the quiet moments as well as the big, unmissable moments and the happiness and fun that makes a great wedding day – leaving you to have a fabulous time with all your family and friends and letting me concentrate on with producing an amazing set of images that you will want to keep looking at and treasure forever.

When you and your guests are relaxed and comfortable with having me around, it helps to get the best images - and besides having all the images that you expect from any good photographer, I really strive to get the amazing, unexpected ones that will become the iconic images of your wedding.

I try to keep everything fun and relaxed and natural. I like to step back and let the events of the day unfold naturally without me dictating anything - and that way, great photos happen. 

Your favourite images may not be the obvious ones

I love to capture the moment.  Of course I promise that I will get all the obvious shots - saying "I do", the first dance and cutting the cake etc. What I believe, though, is that some of the most important photographic memories from your day will be the unexpected and unplanned ones - the tear in your fathers eye as he gives you away or the look of your mother as you dance together for the first time as man and wife. I like to keep it real but freeze the crucial moments for posterity. Some looks are so fleeting but being able to capture them makes all the difference in a great lasting memory of your day.

Each wedding is unique and unfolds in its own way

Here is a series of composites of some of my favourite images that I have made as a Oxfordshire wedding photographer

Children at weddings are such a delight

I so love to see children at weddings. They bring a different dimension to the event and you are never quite sure what they will do next! This is, naturally, just what I want as it then provokes reactions from the adults - leading to excellent photo opportunities. I have seen flower girls who as so overwhelmed with the occasion that they forget to sprinkle their flowers! - I have seen some wonderful dancing! - I have seen slightly onder children look after their younger siblings  - I have seen young boys giggle with delight as they see the grown-ups kissing! They have a world of their own, and we all know that they will be the next generation to go through their marriages and can only wonder at what life has in store for them on their big day!

Oxfordshire wedding photographer, Tony Young

Never say 'Cheeeezzz!'

I never ask you to say ‘Cheeeezzzz!’  or make you do things that you don’t want to such as posing in uncomfortable ways. For anything that is more of a 'posed' shot, I do try to help where I can and will offer guidance if necessary to make sure that you look gorgeous in your wedding photos.


Time to reflect on the day

I think that it is good idea to take a short while out, get some beautiful shots around the location of just the two of you. This should not take up too much time but, in some ways, it gives you a chance to be alone together, away from the pressing crowds of well wishers for a short while.

I have had some couples say that this is the time that they really begin to take in the fact that they are now actually married!

Oxfordshire wedding photographer, Tony Young

Oxfordshire wedding photographer, Tony Young

It is important for me is to build a rapport and good relationship with you and your guests. Everyone will look at their best when they are relaxed and not forced into anything.


I like to mix with your guests, as one of them, and get the little moments that are unplanned. I always make sure that I get all the necessary and important moments throughout the day, but it is often the unexpected ones that end up being some of the favourite shots. I follow the laughter. People having fun always look their best, and if I can come over as relaxed and friendly with everyone, your friends and family should be happy for me to take their photos.

No Firing Squads!

If you want a photo of you and your friends - no problem - it just doesn't have to be stiff and unnatural - It can be fun!

I am not a fan of endless line-ups of guests certainly not the stiffly formal ones (like firing squads!) They stop the flow of the day, but of course, it is up to you what you would like. I do think that there is a kind of obligation to record who was there for future records so groups are important, but I find that people tend to gather in natural gatherings and I make a point of getting these. Having said that, I do like to take a full group shot of everyone together though as this is quite good fun!


To me, being an Oxfordshire wedding photographer is a perfect job. I love taking photos of people and at a wedding; everyone knows that lots of photos will be taken (by everyone around!) so I have the chance to get images that show the personalities of those who are there. It is always fun to see how people let their guard down as the day progresses - to see the changes through the day, from nervous anticipation, through the important ceremony itself, to wonderful celebration as you realize that after all your planning, everything has gone well and - yes - you are married!

Oxfordshire wedding photographer, Tony Young

Each wedding is totally unique and I want to record the full story of everything as it happens so that you can look back and remember a wonderful day. I also want to get images of things that you might have missed or see from a different viewpoint. The day will fly by so quickly that your photographs will be a lasting record of everything for you.


I care a lot about the technicalities of cameras and equipment etc., of course, but to me the atmosphere of the photographs is the most important thing. I want to get a sense of what it felt like to be there. If a photo is perfectly sharp and perfectly framed, but boring, it is no use. A grabbed, reaction shot of someone doing something in a fleeting moment can say such a lot and become very important, even if there is a little movement blur within the frame, for example.

An Oxfordshire wedding photographer married to an Oxfordshire wedding florist

It is so important to be comfortable with all your wedding suppliers, but especially with your wedding photographer. How well you get on together makes all the difference. 

So here is a little about me -

I am a dog lover that has three cats! It's a long story - but at least one of them (Max) behaves like a dog!

I hate having my picture taken, so I sympathise with anyone of the same disposition! That's why I promise to never take a picture that I think you won't like. I don't like to catch people out but try to show everyone's best side. I follow the fun and laughter - which, at a wedding, fortunately, isn't so difficult !

I live with my beautiful wife, Catherine, who is a fabulous wedding florist and we have been to so many weddings over the years that I have lost count. Working together is a real joy - and working with some of the lovely couples over the years has resulted in some lasting memories of beautiful days.

Working with Catherine, a specialist wedding florist, has given me, as an Oxfordshire wedding photographer, an excellent insight into what makes a great wedding day. I want to capture the joy of being at a gathering of everyone important to you, both family and friends. It is a day like no other and the priceless moments need to be recorded so that your story can be told to future generations as well as the present guests.


Time flies by so quickly at weddings. I have to keep my wits about me, following the laughter (and sometimes tears) as events rapidly unfold. Getting fabulous images of everyone, sometimes including more arranged groups, is important, but I like to preserve the naturalness of undirected gatherings of family and friends. Without forcing anything, the relaxed atmosphere results in better images that are both memorable and beautiful.


I try to deliver more than is promised and go the extra mile to be part of your celebrations and help to preserve your wonderful memories.


Not just an Oxfordshire wedding photographer

Of course, I live in the beautiful part of South Oxfordshire and I have a lot of experience working around here and the beautiful Cotswolds, where I used to live. I love to travel around the country and I am happy to travel to where you want to get married. Being able  to be part of someones big day is such a privilege and I am prepared to travel to be part of it.

As a wedding photographer,  I am happy to travel from the east of Oxford to the west of Worcester - to go south of Bath or north of Birmingham. I can photograph your wedding in Oxford, Wallingford, Henley on Thames, Cheltenham, Reading, Stow in the Wolds, Burford and all the other beautiful towns and villages that nestle in this fabulous central area of England.

Of course, even though I say that I am an Oxfordshire wedding photographer, I am prepared to travel further to help with your wedding celebrations.

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Tony Young - Oxfordshire wedding photographer - relaxed and informal - artistic and quietly observing

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